Land Rover Defender 110 30k

DEFENDER 110 (110 Inch Base)
YEARS ’93 (only)
30,000 SERVICE 6.9 HRS LABOR AT $98HR=$676.20
PARTS (non-synthetic) =$288.00
TOTAL =$964.20


1.2mm – 2.4mm
Check/Adjust front wheel toe out.

Aim headlamps to local specifications.

Brake Drum
Remove rear brake drums, inspect linings and drums for wear, and wheel cylinders for leaks. Reinstall rear drums; adjust brake shoes.

Brake Pad
Check for wear.

Brake Rotor/Disc
Check condition.

Exhaust System (S)
Check for leaks, condition and damage.

Heating and Air Conditioning
Check HVAC system for correct operation.

Radio, Stereo, and Compact Disc
Check operation of stereo cassette system.

Lug nut torque: Steel Wheels = 75-85 ft. lbs. (102-116 Nm); Styled Cast Wheels = 95 ft. lbs. (129 Nm).
Check road wheels for damage. Check lug nut torque.

Air Filter Element
Check/Clean air cleaner dump valve and element.

Petroleum jelly.
Clean and grease battery terminals.

Crankcase Filter
Clean breathers, filters and orifice, including throttle bore.

Distributor Cap
Clean distributor cap and rotor. Check for cracks and tracking. Apply small amount of silicone grease to rotor shaft before reinstalling rotor.

Re-code stereo and test drive vehicle.

LRNA approved anti-freeze
Drain, flush and refill cooling system.

Accessories and Optional Equipment
Check all approved accessories fitted, for condition and operation.

Body and Frame
Perform annual corrosion inspection if applicable.

Brake Caliper
Check for leaks.

Brake Hose/Line
Brake Lines and Connections for Oil Leaks, Tightness, Corrosion and Chafing.

Brake Pedal Assy
Check operation and travel.

Clutch Pedal Assembly
Check operation and travel.

Clutch, M/T
Check clutch lines, hoses and unions for condition, routing and leaks.

Coolant (Recommended maintenance in California) (S)

Cooling System
Check cooling and heating system for leaks; hoses/clamps for condition and tightness (including auxiliary heater, if equipped).

Doors, Hood and Trunk
Check operation of door, hood and tailgate locks.

Drive Belt (S)
Check condition, adjust if required.

Fuel Supply Line
Check fuel lines for routing and condition, and fuel system for leaks.

Ignition Cable
Check underhood electrical harness and ignition wiring for condition, routing and fit. Check ignition wiring and HT leads for wear or damage.

Instrument Cluster / Carrier
Check operation of all instruments, gauges and warning indicators.

Lighting and Horns
Check operation of all lamps, horns, warning indicators.

Positive Crankcase Ventilation
Check PCV hoses for condition and tightness.

Power Steering Fluid
ATF Type “F”

Power Steering Line/Hose
Check power steering system for leaks; hydraulic hoses and unions for routing and condition.

Check condition and operation of seats and seat belt mountings, belts and buckles.

Shock Absorber
Check shock absorbers and load levelling unit for leaks.

Check condition of steering gear box, linkage, ball joints and dust covers.

Throttle Cable/Linkage
Light oil
Check operation of throttle linkage, lubricate pedal pivot.

Front 28PSI (1.9 BAR); Rear 48PSI (3.3 BAR); Spare 48PSI (3.3BAR).
Check tires for cuts, lumps, bulges and tread wear. Check that tires comply with manufacturer’s specifications. Check/Adjust tire pressure, including spare.

Check operation of window controls and slides.

Wiper and Washer Systems
Check operation, check wiper blades, top-up washer fluid.

Distributor Shaft
3 drops of light oil
Remove distributor rotor, lubricate distributor shaft bushing.

Wurth HHS 2000 or equivalent.
Lubricate all locks (except ignition), hinges and door checks.

Parking Brake System
General purpose grease
Parking brake linkage.

Air Filter Element (Recommended maintenance in California.) (S)
Replace air cleaner element and check/clean dump valve.

Brake Fluid
DOT 4 brake fluid
Replace fluid and bleed system.

Clutch Fluid
DOT 4 brake fluid
Replace fluid and bleed system.

Engine Oil (S)

Fluid – Differential
EP 80W/90 gear oil (GL 4 or 5)

Fluid – M/T
ATF Type”F”

Fluid – Transfer Case
EP 80W/90 gear oil (GL 4 or 5)

Oil Filter, Engine (S)

Spark Plug (S)
Gap = 0.84 – 0.96mm (0.033 – 0.038 in)

Steering Knuckle
EP 80W/90 gear oil (GL 4 or 5)
Change swivel housing oil.

Drive/Propeller Shaft
30-38 ft. lbs. (41-52 Nm)
Check torque of drive shaft coupling bolts.

BG Fuel Induction Service