Audi Service, Maintenance & Repair Santa Barbara

Audi Service and Repair in Santa Barbara

Audi Service, Maintenance & Repair

The Garage is an authorized Audi dealer to take care of your Audi’s Audi Service, Maintenance & Repair schedule. We inspect your car’s current condition, provide it with long lasting maintenance measures and fix necessary parts. We ensure your vehicle’s safety, reliability, and value for years to come.

Our Service includes following options:

  • Audi Maintenance Schedule
  • Audi Car Check
  • Audi Wheel Service
  • Audi Battery Check
  • Audi AC Service
  • Audi Clever/ Individual Repair
  • Audi Car Window Repair and Change

Audi Maintenance Schedule

Integral to every Audi vehicle is a regularly scheduled maintenance. The Garage will conduct your maintenance schedule as it is recommended by Audi and ensures that your vehicle performs at its peak, as well as help protect the resale value.

While your Audi’s Service Interval Light system indicates when you are due for service, you can also check the exact Maintenance Schedule for your Audi model here:

Audi Car Check

It is holiday season, you want to go on a longer trip or just have your car inspected despite having no urgent need for maintenance? Come to us and we help you out. Our Car Check includes following features:

  • Lights out/inside, functional test and headlight setting.
  • Horn: functional test
  • Windshield wiper – Wash system: functional test, jet setting and inspection of wiper blades
  • Head light wash system (if existing): functional test and jet setting.
  • If necessary, refill of liquid
  • Absorber: Inspection of inner tubes, closeness and damages as well as density of nonfreeze liquid. If necessary, refill of liquid
  • Battery: visual inspection
  • Brake system: visual inspection for closeness and damage
  • Testing of brake pads and brake discs for abrasion
  • Inspection of brake fluid amount. If necessary brake fluid change
  • Exhaust system: inspection for damage
  • Wheel change including spare tire
  • Inspection of tire profile and operational profile
  • Testing and adjusting of a air pressure
  • Engine: Examination of oil loss and noises. Inspection of V-Belt
  • Oil-level: oil check, if necessary refill
  • Heating/ Air Conditioning: Functional test
  • Under-body: Visual inspection for damage
  • Paint: inspection for damage and stone chip
  • Windshield: inspection for damage and stone chip
  • Concluding road test

Audi Wheel Service

  • We not only change the tires you want, we also check your car’s operational profile, imbalances and air pressure. We love to advise you in tire and rim offers.

Audi Battery Check

  • We check your car battery’s overall condition, acid level and charge. If you are in need of a new starter battery, we recommend you an original Audi starter battery. They have a high-capacity from the start and do not need to adapt power over a longer time range.

Audi AC Service

Audi Clever Repair

  • We are able to remove many smaller damages without visible marks.
  • With innovative methods, we a Audi Car Window Repair and Change

View Audi’s 2012 maintenance schedule for your  model.