Mercedes-Benz Service & Repair

Our Mercedes-Benz Service & Repair is based on the Mercedes Maintenance System using the following objectives: maximize vehicle safety, reliability, and minimize breakdowns resulting from wear, at minimum cost. The Service Interval Light system indicates when you are due for service. The garage of Santa Barbara is your Mercedes dealership alternative.
The Mercedes service intervals consist of three main service groups.

  • Oil Service: Engine oil and filter change and additional preventative maintenance services.
  • A-Service: Major vehicle maintenance as specified in your Service Booklet.
  • B-Service: Additional major vehicle maintenance as specified in your Service Booklet.

We service all components on the Mercedes-Benz including ABS Anti-lock Brakes, Air Conditioning, Air Bag, and any electrical issues that you may have. All Mercedes models vary in service needs. Give us a call for a quote.

Complete Mercedes repair and service in santa barbara

Santa Barbara’s Mercedes-Benz Service & Repair Specialists