BMW air conditioning repair

A 1997 BMW 328is came to the shop for numerous repairs. The customer explained that the a/c was not working and the display was blank. With the display being blank its hard to diagnose because there are no codes telling you what is wrong with it. We first inspected HVAC control and found it was not operational, then inspected the wiring diagram and found both fuses were good and providing powers and grounds to the HVAC unit. We removed HVAC head unit, inspected connections and found both power and grounds present at back of unit. The control head internally failed and needed to be replaced. After a call to the dealer for factory replacement at a list price of $1400 we needed to look elsewhere for better price. We found reliable reman company that had a rebuilt HVAC head unit for under $500 with a 3 year warranty, they shipped it the same day and we installed the head unit. All controls worked as designed.

We treat our customers’ cars as if they are our own and we invest their money carefully to maximize value without sacrificing reliability.

– Christian “Critter” Mooney