John Horton Biography


  • ASE Certified Technician working for Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep Dealership at 19


  • ASE Certified Master Technician at age 21
  • Certified DaimlerChrysler GOLD Level Master Technician


  • Hired technician by Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep Dealership in Los Angeles and quickly progressed up the ranks as a technical case manager and arbitrator working with engineers and leading automotive specialists.
  • Began his in-depth involvement with racing working on:
  1. Dodge Viper, primary focus
  2. Ford Mustang
  3. De Tomaso Pantera
  4. Ford Cobra
  • Became a winning driver in several GT Series races in California running a variety of premium racecars
  • Participated in the VIPER Racing League where he was lead consultant for five different race teams
  • Approached by international racing teams for technical consultation and overall understanding on how to maximize performance from all standings
  • Experience “behind the wheel” solidified the entire premise of what a winning technician and driver must know in order to succeed
  • The Dodge VIPER remained the primary area of focus that would branch out into the research and development stage of high-end aftermarket VIPER products for on-track as well as off -track.


  • At age 27, Horton simultaneously formed West Coast VIPER and West Coast Automotive in Temecula, California. West Coast VIPER handled global customers requiring the Horton Approach to diagnosing issues and outputting a successful on-track performance car, while West Coast Automotive became a successful independent maintenance and repair facility of daily driving vehicles.
  • After the overwhelming success with VIPER product research and development, Horton Motorsports LLC was established as the parent company of West Coast Viper and West Coast Automotive. Horton Motorsports LLC acquired a 7000 square foot shop in Temecula/Murrieta of Riverside County, California, containing an: engine clean room, chassis dynamometer, and custom fabrication shop.
  • The facility was purchased as the R&D platform for understanding the science of kinematics and performance characteristics related to the vehicle’s motion.
  • In-house automotive design and reconfiguration continues to give Horton Autosport the supreme advantage on the track.


  • Consultant for a Indy Racing League Team


  • Races the GT VIPER
  • Built 2 successful GTS VIPERS
  • Technician for a BMW race team
  • Built and races a BMW 3 Series E46


  • Makes debut as team owner of VIPER in the GT Series
  • Makes debut as team owner of MAZDA6 in the TC Series
  • Initiates a rookie driver and puts the team in 12th place in the Pro-Touring Car Series
  • Gains a strong respect for the level of difficulty and competitiveness of the Touring Car Series


  • Rookie driver complete a full season achieving 3 Top Ten Finishes in the Touring Car Competition
  • Completes 5 out of 10 races in the Grand Touring Competition with rookie driver


  • Relocates Horton Motorsports back home to Santa Barbara to marry Kielle Campbell Horton
  • Returns Mid-Season to the SCCA WORLD CHALLENGE
  • 1 Podium finish at Road America, Wisconsin
  • 3 Top Ten Finishes out of 4 races, to complete season
  • 10th overall in points for the season running a non-manufactured sponsored MAZDA
  • Simultaneously assisted other factory sponsored teams as a privateer consultant for World Challenge as well as the GT3 Series in the United Kingdom



  • Returns for a full season of the SCCA WORLD CHALLENGE
  • Multiple podium finishes
  • Fastest Porsche in series

John Horton is an entrepreneurial business owner that has utilized his natural automotive talents and expanding knowledge of street level vehicles and transformed them into highly competitive premier racecars. Throughout his many years of experience in the automotive industry, his continued pursuit of excellence in Motorsports is a 3-step method: Scientific, Physical, and Logical.